The SAL Elite operates fully automatically, independent of temperature and very precisely. The system consists of an electronic drive unit, a lubricant canister (LC) with a lubricant volume of 60, 120, 250 cm3and a battery pack.






The SAL Select single-point lubrication system can be used for inside or outside applications at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +60°C. The SAL Select comes full assembled and ready-to-use. Simply turn the dial to the desired discharge period and the system is activated.





SAL Enviro C can be used for all applications with ambient temperatures of 0°C to +40°C. The reliable operating principle is based on an electrochemical reaction.






The Oil Leveler basically consist of two communicating oil reservoirs, one on top of the other. The lower reservoir is in direct contact with the application and hence its oil level is the same as the oil level inside the application.




This unit can be used and installed on oil filled pump assemblies, transformers and gearboxes to remove dust particles and moisture from the air as the component heats up and cools down.



Safspec International is embedded in the local market for supplying and services single and multi-point automated lubrication technologies that deliver. The SAL (Safspec Automatic Lubricator) automated range of lubrication products, backed by a world class preventative maintenance solution serve as evidence for innovative leadership in the area of single-point lubrication systems.

The lubrication products are a breakthrough in easy, convenient, safe and cost effective lubrication solutions for numerous applications across various all types of industries everywhere in the world. Leading edge technological developments and processes in the form of cellular technology, real time information management and competent support services have afforded us the opportunity to offer excellent service with competent and practical advice and customised solutions.

Continuous thinking ahead, and implementation of new ideas results in outstanding solutions that meet the highest technical desires. In order to offer state of the art products and to conform to globally accepted manufacturing standards, our products are continuously tested and inspected. Constant product advancements set the standards for new solutions in lubrication technology.

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