The SAL product range can be found in various industries and applications Nation-wide. Our market reach has expanded from Mining and Minerals to Manufacturing and Retail with industries across Southern Africa showing a keen interest in proof of performance locally. A distribution network of key distributors across Southern Africa that are sourced and trained to ensure service excellence and customer after sales remains paramount.

Our success stems from our drive towards continuous improvement, impeccable after sales service and hands-on preventative maintenance management solutions. This can be further attributed to not only an extensive investment in research and development, but more importantly, well established customer-supplier relations. Together with the customer we have developed exceptional solutions that have resulted in very real improvements to preventative maintenance in their industry across the board.


To be the most trusted and respected supplier of lubrication solutions in South Africa that successfully embraces joint safety and risk management with a keen interest in preserving the environment.


  • To provide professional and reliable preventative lubrication and overall maintenance through active engagement with our customers.
  • To adept to delivery expert feedback reporting with an emphasis on improvement strategies for lubrication considering safety, quality and preventative maintenance goals.
  • To be known world-wide for our proven track record, long standing relationships and best practices in the field of lubrication and preventative maintenance.
  • To have focused efforts on continuous development of local resources and expertise to fulfil the above.


Safspec International Services was originally established as a consulting organisation for ISO 9000 and general safety specifications. In February of 2003, Safspec expanded its interests into the distribution, marketing, surveying, installation and servicing of single-point automated lubrication technologies. It seemed a logical step from there to grow and develop the organisation into providing its customers with an end-to-end preventative maintenance management solution.

Our products are world renowned for setting the standard in lubrication technology in the field of single-point-lubrication and have been around for over 40 years. New product development and technological advancements have and will continue to position us as the market leader locally, across Southern Africa and later internationally.

We have grown tremendously over the last several years providing our clients with state of the art point-of-need information technology management solutions with excellent technical support in the area of maintenance management.

Our products and services overcome preventative maintenance challenges and drive down maintenance costs that directly impact the bottom line.


When it comes to quality, standards certification and technical advancements, we are fortunate in partnering with an agent that is able to network with information centres, on education and business tools that enhance our capabilities in this area. One of these centres in the EPTDA – European Power Transmission Distributors Association (one of the largest organisations of distributors and manufacturers of power transmission and motion control products in Europe) which provides an exceptional platform for quality improvements and developments that meet the highest technical standards and certifications.

In addition to the VDE certification (Association of Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies) the SAL products are certified by the UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and carry the international standard certification of quality as DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2005.

Locally Safspec has expanded its service offering to incorporate an in-house software package which uses advanced mobile cellular technology to conduct on-site surveys and inspections. This technology provides technicians with a tool to capture data at each lubrication point electronically through prompts. The information captured is then sent directly to the main server organising the data per customer, highlighting anomalies and performance at the touch of a button.


No product is feasible if it does not consider the environmental impact. Our research and development initiatives and products developed both locally and internationally use environmentally friendly and recyclable materials and biodegradable lubricants in order to protect and preserve the environment.

These products are designed to contain reusable components and to discharge precise amounts of lubricant.

Together with our primary agent and research and development partners it is our goal to minimise the impact on the environment and people during production, storage, transport, use the disposal of our products.

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