This unit can be used and installed on oil filled pump assemblies, transformers and gearboxes to remove dust particles and moisture from the air as the component heats up and cools down. They provide the optimal industry solution to contamination control. The air is filtered at the source of contamination in the filter/breather cap. The air filter and water vapour removal system prohibits entry of contaminants by replacing the standard breather or vent cap on hydraulic reservoirs, gearboxes and storage or process tanks.


Safspec Silica Gel Breather proactively prevents ingression of water and particulate contamination through the breather vent by combining the use of two well-known technologies filtration and silica (drying media). The 1-micron filter element prevents particulate entry and the silica creates relative humidity levels in the headspace which make condensation unlikely.


  • Non-Aqueous Chemical Process
  • Storage/Handing Tanks
  • Diesel Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Mobile Earth Moving Equipment
  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Vacuum and Welding Chambers


These units can be used in any reservoir, tank, cabinet or piece of equipment that breaths in and expels air and where water or dirt in that air would be detrimental to the contents or operation.

Suggested applications include:

  • Gearboxes
  • Hydraulic Systems – All Types
  • Bearing Circulation Systems
  • Robotic Hydraulic Equipment
  • Transformers with Oil Cooled


The Breathers aim to ensure maximum machine performance. The benefits provided in saving the customer money and minimising downtime is due to:

  • Extended component life due to less abrasive particles, and
  • Extended lubricant life due to the elimination of water-contaminated oil, rust forming condensation and sludge deposits
  • Can be used in EX proof areas

Technical Information

Filter Media 1 Micon
Silica Gel Blue
Label UV Protection, Water Resistant and Heat Protected
Length 210mm
Diameter 65mm
O-Ring Material NBR – 70 Shore
Container Material Poly Carbonate
Internal Components Plastic or stainless steel to prevent rusting
Flow Resistance and Sodium Chloride Penetration Tested 12% more effective in removing dust particles from the air – tested by PROTECHNIK Laboratories. Part No: 11015

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